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Receiver GR-10C Copter Flight Control

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Receiver GR-10C Copter Flight Control

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SKU: S1029
Technical information
Number of antennas: 1
Aerial length [mm]: 1 x Wire 30
Operating voltage neutral [V]: (2,5) 3,6 ... 8,4
Width [mm]: 27
Frequency: 2400 ... 2483.5
All-up weight [g]: 7
Gyro: Yes
Height [mm]: 12
Channels: 5
Overall length [mm]: 35
Modulation: 2.4 GHz FHSS
Range approx. [m]: 300
Stabilization: FC
Current consumption [mA]: 45
Temperature range [°C]: - 15...+70

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    Description: With the GRAUPNER HoTT 2.4 GHz technology, the 5-channel receiver has a new high-frequency hopping telemetry transmission unit with modern components and the latest software. Without additional sensor systems, receiver voltage and temperature parameters, as well as signal strength, are transmitted. With this receiver, it is now possible to control a Multicopter without using an external Flight Control. Through the associated elimination of additional electronics and cables can thus save weight, as well as the remaining components mounted tidy. Integrated Flight Control is fully configurable via the HoTT telemetry, which significantly facilitates the setting. The system sets the control commands very accurately, what gives quickly a familiar feeling of flying especially in FPV Racing. On the channel 5 can switch between 2 flight-modes, which allow depending on your preference in the Attitude mode (self-neutralizing situation mode), which limits the tilt at about 50 degrees, or in the Rate mode (also called acro mode) which allows flips and acrobatic figures. Here there is no angle limitation and can be controlled freely over each axis, as well as in a helicopter model. With the simple control-learn function, the learning of the control channels a breeze. Once activated display all ESCs simultaneously control and teach directly to the throttle stick. Through the channel 6> 110%, an automatic flip function can be activated. At the next roll or pitch command> 50% the Copter performs an automatic flip out in the specified direction. The channels 7 and 8> 50% can be used as switching channels. Through the FETs e.g. LEDs or the DIP switch of the FPV transmitter can be connected. With the simple controller-learn function, the learning of the controller way a cinch. Once activated display all ESCs simultaneously control and teach directly to the throttle stick. Maximum performance and stability is obtained by adjustment of the ratio of the roll-sensitivity to Nick-sensitivity in unbalanced Multicopters. Similarly, a gas-dependent Gyro-limit can be continuously adjusted in order to achieve a high sensitivity but with strong drives. The following Multicopter types are supported: Quadro X, Quadro +, V Hexa, Hexa I, Tri L, Tri R This gyro receiver is designed exclusively for the control of Multicopters. The GR-18 (33579) is designed for use as a flybarless system or planes model with gyro. Other features: Very direct feeling of control by eliminating the additional transmission path for Flight Control Space saving, because the Flight Control and the necessary cables disappear Quick and easy gyro assignment SUMD output for external devices Telemetry support for own HoTT sensors and other suppliers sensors Can be fully programmed and operated with previously available HoTT transmitters, thus no more laptop required
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    Ulteriori informazioni

    Manufacturer GRAUPNER
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